My name is Matt Drifmeyer and I am Noble Home Inspection.

I am a Virginia State Certified inspector, an ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Certified Inspector and a certified Radon Technician. I am proud to work within the standards of these associations and provide the highest level of ethical and technical service possible.

The Purchase of a home is a major commitment, the process is complex. Opinions and emotions only make it harder to make a sound decision. My unbiased, educated opinion clarifies one aspect of this process. My inspection could save you thousands of dollars, prevent unsafe living conditions, provide you with powerful negotiating leverage and avoid frustration and doubt.

I invite you join me for the inspection and take questions during the inspection. I will inspect all the major systems in the home and their components to locate defects, inefficiencies and needed repairs or maintenance required. I will also instruct you on the proper operation of your home. A  color coded report with pictures will be emailed within hours of completion. A printed version can be mailed as well.


Contact Address

Noble Home Inspection

6261 Sydney Rd.

Fairfax Station,

Virginia 22039

Phone: 703-801-7364
VA Home Inspectors
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